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Hey there, Sparkstar! Welcome to the Storiverse, a kaleidoscope of narratives spun by yours truly, Minista Jazz. I’m not just the creator here; I’m a story tailor, weaving tales that dance to life’s intricate rhythms.

Let's rewind and groove through my journey. Born and bred in the heartbeat of Brooklyn, New York, my world was painted with stories, as vibrant as the streets themselves. I grew up as Jazzy, a little girl with eyes wide open to the magic of words, absorbing tales in our family's cozy apartment. Stories weren't just stories; they were portals to infinite possibilities.

As I read to my mother, losing her sight but not her vision, I found my calling. I became her eyes, her storyteller, igniting a flame within me. My role as the eldest wasn't just a title; it was a mission. I was the guardian of stories for my sisters, using narratives as shields, guides, and seeds of dreams.

Nana, the queen of my heart, was my first believer. She danced with my imagination, making every mundane moment a story worth telling. With her, I learned to fly on narrative wings, soaring through stories.

Life's script took a turn when I stepped into Madonna's world – a whirlwind of stories that knew no borders. It was a chapter that deepened my narrative understanding, as dazzling as a diamond in the sun.

Then, I found rhythm in the threads of Hip Hop fashion, each fabric telling a tale of resilience and style. Fashion became my canvas, and I painted stories with every silhouette.

Afrotranstemporalism breathed new life into my journey, enriching my storytelling with a depth that echoed through time and space. This led me to the birth of the Storiverse, a cosmos where stories are stars, illuminating our shared humanity.

But let's get real. I'm more than a Story Tailor. I'm an ordained minister, a PhD candidate, happily married in a same-sex union, with my Emotional Support Animal, Rainbow, by my side. I navigate life's complexities as a Black, Queer individual with an invisible disability – chronic anxiety and bipolar disorder. These experiences aren't just chapters; they're the very essence of my being.

That's why I created SoulScreams – a method born from my need and shared by many. It's a raw, unfiltered expression of our innermost selves, a shout from the soul that seeks healing and understanding.

As a motivational speaker, preacher, author, and large group facilitator, I blend these experiences into a symphony of learning. I teach the power of storytelling, diversity and inclusion through AI, and the art of authentic self-expression. My classes aren't just lessons; they're journeys into the heart of what makes us human.

So come, join me in the Storiverse. Let's explore this universe of stories together, creating magic, embracing our truths, and stitching a quilt of narratives that celebrates every thread of our being.

Welcome to the Storiverse, where every story is a step towards healing, understanding, and unapologetic self-expression. Let’s make our narratives sing!

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