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Our Story

Born from the vibrant streets of New York in 2017, Much Different has evolved into a mobile revolution—a sanctuary on wheels. Crafted by a dynamic mother-daughter duo, our journey intertwines sewing with healing, propelling this mission across the roads less traveled. As we navigate the landscapes of mind and spirit, we're redefining the fabric of society by juxtaposing perspectives, advocating for those in the margins, and remixing narratives with long-clipped wings of potential.

At the heart of Much Different is our unwavering commitment to weave mental health awareness into the very threads of fashion. Through each stitch, we're not just creating garments; we're crafting a network of support, understanding, and healing. Embracing uniqueness, echoing the unspoken truths of inclusivity, and drawing inspiration from folklore, we spin tales of resilience and hope.

We lift voices in a collective call to freedom with every mile, inviting you to join us in this transformation journey. Much Different isn't just a brand; it's a movement—a mobile sanctuary where fashion and mental health advocacy converge, creating ripples of change in a world thirsty for compassion and understanding.

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