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The Sisterhood Sit-In Trolley Tour returns in March 2024. 

We're riding this year in honor of Lorene Cary and her book and new play 'Ladysitting'.  

Purchase THIS YEAR'S Tickets HERE


Black Women are leading the charge, with 17% becoming business owners; however, only 3% of Black- Women operate mature businesses.  Partially due to the uneven distribution of resources and the strong bias against Black people and women in America.  We will not stand for it, so we're hosting yet another SIT-IN to bring awareness and support to some of the dopest Black Women Owned businesses in the Philadelphia area. 

Sisterhood Sit-In Trolley Tour: Rebel Rides include:

Plan to spend 15-20 minutes at each location.  Here are a few of the locations we supported last year.


Harriett's Bookshop 

French Toast Bites - Cherry Street Pier

The Colored Girls Museum*

Plant and People

Booker's Restaurant*

Black Vintage Soul*

Modest Transitions

Nyambi Naturals Urban Beauty

Want to buy out an entire tour for your group or sponsor a ride? Email

*Due to time constraints this location may be be an available option for your tour

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Meet The Sisters

On Tour

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