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Purple Hues & Battlefield Blues: A Soulful Reckoning with the Overlooked Miracles of Life

Today's sacred text, Alice Walker's "The Color Purple," whispers in our ears, "I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don't notice it."

Let that marinate. The Divine, the Universe, the All-That-Is, gets downright agitated when we overlook the small miracles in our lives. Now, why is that?

The Soul of Purple

Purple is more than a color; it's a frequency on which our lives hum. Think about it: Purple is the bruise that reminds you of your resilience, the twilight that transitions day into night, the royal robe that's often invisible but always present on your shoulders. It's the crossroads of our collective experiences—pain, pleasure, triumph, sorrow. It's the depth and melanin of our lives, the richness of our stories. Vous me suivez?

The Battlefield of Life

Ah, life. It's not just a field. No, no, it's a battlefield strewn with the debris of missed opportunities and the gems of small miracles. And right there, amidst the chaos, you'll find your patches of purple. These patches ain't just for show; they're landmarks, milestones, signposts that whisper, "You're going the right way," or sometimes shout, "Change direction!" The struggle is multi-dimensional—it's a chess game where the moves you make now ripple through your tomorrows. C'est profond, n'est-ce pas?

Do You SEE the Purple?

Hold on, let me tap into the Spirit! When you ignore the color purple, you're not just missing a hue; you're missing a message, a cry, a celebration from the Universe. It's a cosmic call-and-response, and if you don't answer, you're breaking a sacred chain that links us to our ancestors, to nature, and to the divine essence within us all. This purple—whether it's a laugh, a tear, or a lyrical beat—holds the DNA of our very existence. You feel me?

The Philosophy of Purple

Purple is a philosopher's dream and a poet's muse. It challenges us to ponder our place in the cosmos. Are we just fleeting shadows, or are we eternal beings capable of recognizing and revering the sublime in the mundane? Don't just exist in autopilot mode. Engage! The act of noticing the purple is an act of rebellion against a world that often seeks to dull our senses. Alors, soyez rebelles!

The Revolution is Purple

My dear warriors, rebels, and visionaries, the revolution is not just in the grand gestures; it's in the everyday moments we choose to honor. It's in the purple hues that we acknowledge and celebrate. Every time you notice the purple, you're scribing a line in the annals of history, etching your existence into the fabric of the Universe. You're not just honoring a color; you're honoring a lineage, a legacy, and the labyrinthine complexity of life itself.

In the words of those who've trodden this path before us, "See the purple, be the purple, honor the purple." Because when you do, you're not just living; you're alive, awake, and in tune with the sacred symphony of existence.

And let the congregation shout, Amen!

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