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"Leveling Up: Breaking 'Curses' and Owning Your Space in Tough Ties"

Y’all ever catch one of those DMs that just makes you tilt your head? I got one slidin’ into my TikTok messages the other day from a psychic "scam"dium", talkin’ ‘bout curses and spells. Apparently, someone close to me has cast a curse on me stalling my success. And I had 24 hours to fix it or destiny would forever be ruined - say it ain't so! ThoughI knew it was a money grab it did make me sit down and really chew on how we let folks will get all up in our energy space, you know?

It's like when someone close to stitches some negativity into your day with their side-eye behavior. They hit you with that glance – you know, the one that’s halfway between a squint and an eye-roll. It's like they're trying to x-ray your joy and find something wrong with it. That glance is quieter than a whisper but louder than a shout in how it says, “I see you shining, but I’m not clapping.” Now suddenly you're wondering why your shine’s feeling a little faded? DANG! A curse of the iris.

Now, let me clarify, when I say 'curse,' I ain't talking about voodoo dolls and potion brewing. Nah, it's about those vibe-killers thrown your way, intentional or not. And it could be your from blood relatives, your ride-or-die, or even your boo thang — it doesn't matter. They might be flinging their own fears and doubts like confetti at your parade, and without even meaning to, they start painting your world gray.

So how do you scrub off that grime and glitter up your own aura? Here's the real talk on how to snatch your power back:

1. Call Out That Funky Energy: Sometimes you just gotta name that mess for what it is. Call it 'Gertrude' or 'Bob' if you have to, and tell it to step off.

2. Draw Your Line in the Sand: Set up those boundaries like a VIP club rope. You decide who gets past the velvet ropes of your personal space.

3. Big Up Yourself: Remember all those things that make you dope? Keep them close. Your talents ain't up for discount, clearance, or imitation.

4. Get to the Heart of It: If you can, have a heart-to-heart with the one casting that long shadow. Might just clear the air and let in some sunshine.

5. Fuel Your Fire: Find what lights you up and throw yourself into it. The more you glow with your own fire, the less you'll notice someone else’s shade.

Peep this: I think the whole 'curse' thing is like when your mirror is covered in dust and grime – you can't see your true reflection, right? Similarly, when we’re caught up in misdts of a "curse", it's because we’re looking at ourselves through a lens that's muddled with negativity, fear, and self-doubt. It’s like we’re giving someone else the cloth to polish that mirror, and they just keep smudging it.

But here's the kicker: that mirror? It's yours. You own it. So it's up to you to grab that cloth back and wipe away the dust. When you clear away those external smudges—those negative energies— you will start to see yourself clearly again. Your power, your light, shines right back at you, no dimmers, no fades.

By realizing that you control the narrative, that you hold the power to define your worth and your path, you essentially "break the curse." It's about taking back the reins and remembering that the only person who defines your potential is you. The magic isn't in some outside force; it's in the reflection of your unfiltered brilliance.

So there's only one thing left to do.

Stay lit, stay true. Yup! You got it!

Minista Jazz: the preacher, teacher, and soul-screamer who flips scripts, stitches empowerment into every sermon, and serves wisdom with a side of wit faster than you can say "Amen!"


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