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Jeannine A. Cook

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When two stories become ONE!

The Power of Storytelling


I'm Celia.

I'm blind but not broken. Hear my story.

JUXTAPOSE is a live audience game show designed to make media social.


We intentionally hack the dopamine feedback loop caused by engagement with social media. We aim to cure loneliness, ease the chronic effects of anxiety and depression, and create new communities from rooms of strangers.


Social media places limits on human-to-human interaction. 

Uncivil discourse, media illiteracy, misinformation, misunderstandings, mistruth, fake news, echo chambers, and

emotional unintelligence runs rampant throughout American society.

As we approach the year 2020 and a new decade, the time is now to bring people together over a conversation, connection, and compassion for all with JUXTAPOSE. 

The Power of Authenticity

Topic: Politics

Question: What is power and who has it?

"I'd rather be a warrior with a sword in a garden than a gardener in a war with no gun." - Maj Toure, Black Guns Matter

The Power of Words


N. Sabnis

Juxtapose was a safely held space for us all to come together and be free and share our voices.  With  Jazz and Coach's compassionate listening we reached a new level of unconditional love for ourselves and each other. 


E. Santiago

Exhilarating. Motivating. Freedom. Three words would describe my experience as a speaker and participant for Juxtapose.  A Much Different experience I would welcome in my life anytime. 

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 T. Jasir 

The Juxtapose series has been a unique experience to both participate in and witness.  The dynamics between hosts, coordinators, and talent makes for a hot -spring of creativity and entertainment that sticks with everyone long after the event ends.


M. Ayon

My experience at the Juxtapose was humbling. Being around so many people with different life experiences coming together to share their struggles and values all being so similar in the end.  Everyone should participate in the Juxtapose so they can get reconnected with themselves and others.


Juxtapose was a VERY pivotal moment for my life. I have never been more uncomfortable and anchored as I was on stage with her. Vulnerability is our greatest strength and what a way to show that on a stage with others doing the same thing! Truly I am grateful for her and opportunity she is presenting our world for healing, compassion, understanding and empathy! I love you Minista Jazz!!


T. Gordon

The Juxtapose was part of my life changing journey.  I literally did not know what I was getting myself into but the mystery of it all is what made it exciting. Besides meeting great people, it was a healing experience & allowed me to dig deeper in my soul & find issues I was battling within myself.  It made me face my issues head-on and become better.  It is a non-judgemental atmosphere & everything is from LOVE.  I look forward to many more JUXTAPOSE.  


M. Williamson

Juxtapose is more than an event, it's a gathering where participants are free to be vulnerable and/or open to engaging in self-discovery, self-reflection.  The Cook sisters take care in creating a safe space for all participants to deep dive, if willing.


P. Grimm

Juxtapose brought community and conversation about hard subjects, impacting all of us.  I found the juxtaposition to my firmly held beliefs, to be important for future considerations and efforts.  I'm deeply grateful for the experience. 

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 M. Toure 

Juxtapose allows for a perspective that I didn't even know could be a thought.  Juxtapose shows the spectrum of ideas that different people have and asks us to take a second look at what's possible.  It teaches me how to really respect the process of other people and I learn more about myself.

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Dr. A. Griffith 

Juxtapose was truly a unique experience for speakers, creators, and visionaries to express themselves in true authentic candor.  It provided a safe space to talk about everyday and atypical topics wit audience participation.  This is a refreshing concept which combines comedy, "real life" information and motivation on one stage.  I had a blast and look forward to the next opportunity to support it. 

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