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much different.

we are

i am


you are



i am,

and together

you are

I am much different.

Sybil no background.png

"I don't cover it up because I can't do anything to change it.  I have to live with it, so everyone else does too."

I am much different.

Minty PNG no backgroung (1).png

"I possess the beauty of a dandelion. Never see me as a neglected weed. Realize that I have the power of 1000 seeds."

I am much different.

IDA new no background.png

"My parents left me with a freedom that I didn't ask for while I fight for the freedom they never  got to see while they were alive." 

I am much different.

JO new no background (2).png

"The less I say, the more people think they know who I am."

I am much different.

Bay bay no background PNG.png

"It doesn't matter if your crush is him, her, or them, you deserve that love, to laugh out loud, and the freedom to live."

I am much different.

Evie PNG no background.png

"I'm used to standing up, standing alone, standing out, and standing still. This is how I keep standing  strong."

I am much different.

Emi PNG no background.png

Word to dead. I ain't gonna hold you, bro. I'm not pressed about non of these peeps watchin' face. 

I am much different.

Jenella PNG no background.png

"I'm not the best player on the team. I am a player on the best team."

I am much different.

Sarah PNG no background.png

"You already know you gonna have to work 20 times as hard if you are Black, so stop wasting time complaining and just whatever it takes."

I am much different.

Frannie PNG no background.png

"Nothing silences negative feelings better than food. Too bad I hate to eat."

I am much different.

Jimmy png no background.png

"The more I read the more I understand why they wish I was dumb."

I am much different.

Daphne PNG no background.png

"I'm ready to vote now.

I know  way more about these politicians than my mum and her friends."







you own.



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