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Peace, beautiful souls! Welcome to the enchanting Storiverse, where we're about to take a soul-stirring journey alongside Sybil, a genius creative with deep roots in Hoodoo. We're here to restore balance and justice in this parallel reality, divinely guided by the rhythms of the universe.

Indigora, y'all, it's a sacred haven where the brilliance and strength of black womxn are celebrated and protected. But hold up, we got this sneaky character named Master Intelligence tryna reset the timeline and erase all our hard-earned progress. That ain't goin' down on our watch!

Sybil's got extraordinary powers, and they ain't holdin' back. They're joined by Minty, a tech genius straight outta Indigora, and Cicely, a wise elder from Panorama City. Together, they're an unstoppable force, united against the darkness that threatens our world.

Get ready for an electrifying ride, my loves. We're talkin' mind-bending twists, epic showdowns, and revelations that'll have you questionin' the very fabric of reality.

We gonna outwit Master Intelligence's watchful eye, journey through secret temples, and unravel ancient symbols to unlock the deep secrets of the Storiverse. It's a race against time, filled with danger and suspense. But trust, we gonna rise higher, finding the power within ourselves and the connections that bind us all.

Beneath the surface, this adventure is an exploration of power, identity, and the interplay of parallel realities. We're merging ancient wisdom and cutting-edge vibrations, alignin' our souls with the rhythm of the cosmos.

So, my beautiful beings, join our email list right now and embrace the 7-day free trial. You'll also receive the prequel, divine downloadable art, and a soulful 20% discount on all merchandise and events. We're about to embark on a transformative journey together, where the choices we make shape the destiny of both worlds. Open your hearts and step into the sacred rhythm of the Storiverse. Let's flow, loves!


Tel: 718-696-7848

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