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The magic of being Black in America is understanding that you were born into a powerful family.  Even though our ancestors touched this land against their will, they decided to make America their home over time. Their fights were for the rights effortlessly granted to others and certain freedoms that we take for granted today.  Their true stories deserve to be told instead of the white-washed versions of history which seek to ignore and diminish their greatness. 

Much Different exists to teach the remarkable history of Black people in America with the power of storytelling and the fun of fashion. It is our hope that there will be a revival of energy amongst young people that will spark the flames that lead to real and lasting change.  We care about the mental health of our youth as well as aim to ignite joy for democracy, civic engagement, activism, and revolution.  It is always the young people who make the world much different, we are looking for those leaders today.

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is revolutionary

Denim has a long history in America and a deep connection to Black people. Far from the cool trends we see in fashion today, denim was worn by our enslaved ancestors due to its affordability and durability.  It was the clothing of the lower class, often associated with hard work, labor, and poverty.  In the 1960s, SNCC organizers decided to use denim coveralls in their on-the-ground activism for practicality and to show solidarity with the farmers and working-class people in the struggle for freedom.  Over the years, denim has crossed class barriers to be featured in music videos, on runaways, and adorned by celebrities. Still, we do not forget that this cloth is a revolutionary symbol for Black people. It is a symbol of change and a call for equality and justice.  We proudly wear denim to honor our ancestors and connect to the strength that they summoned on their journey toward freedom.  We take the torch and hold it high.  

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