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Welcome to the world of Minista Jazz, a beacon of empowerment and a visionary in the realm of storytelling. As an ordained minister and PhD candidate, Jazz blends spirituality, mental health awareness, and academic rigor into a vibrant tapestry of transformative narratives. Her work, grounded in the principles of inclusivity and authenticity, is not just a passion but a movement, manifesting through her revolutionary platform, the Storiverse, and her groundbreaking SoulScreams method.

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Minista Jazz is a revolutionary in the realm of storytelling, a trailblazer who threads narratives with a touch of magic and a lot of soul. From the vibrant streets of Brooklyn, she learned to weave tales that do more than just entertain; they ignite self-discovery and spark transformation.

In her digital cosmos, the Storiverse, she brings together a tapestry of diverse voices, each thread contributing to a richer, more nuanced narrative. Here, masterpieces like Ella's Enigma are not just stories to be read but worlds to be lived, inviting readers to co-create and navigate their own paths through interactive storytelling.

Jazz's work is deeply rooted in her Afrotranstemporalistic heritage, channeling the spirit of literary giants like Toni Morrison and Ishmael Reed. She brings a modern twist to speculative fiction, infusing it with digital interactivity and a commitment to showcasing a plurality of perspectives. Her stories aren't just tales; they're journeys that cross-cultural and generational boundaries, challenging societal norms with poetic metaphors and insightful commentary.

More than a storyteller, Jazz is a PhD candidate, deeply committed to exploring the intersections of mental health, spirituality, and narrative. Her SoulScreams method is a testament to this commitment, offering a raw and powerful means for individuals to express themselves authentically, fostering healing and understanding through the power of unfiltered self-expression.

As an ordained minister, she intertwines spirituality with storytelling, creating a unique blend that resonates with a broad audience. Her work in the Storiverse, combined with her teachings and motivational speaking, emphasizes the importance of mental wellness, empathy, and inclusivity.

Minista Jazz is not just creating stories; she's stitching a movement. Each story she crafts is a step towards a more empathetic, understanding, and just future. Her legacy in progressive literature is not just about reshaping narrative engagement but about redefining connections in a world craving authentic, soulful storytelling. With SoulScreams, her PhD pursuits, and her focus on mental health and spirituality, Minista Jazz is indeed tailoring a new era of storytelling.


I'm on the hunt for fresh, electrifying adventures. Holler at me; let's vibe and build together!


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