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Where Your Enoughness Needs No Filter.


Hey Sparkstars, welcome to Much Different! We ain't just talk, we're a whole vibe. Think of Storiverse as your digital home where love, joy, and community ain't just buzzwords—they're our heartbeat. Listen, we're here for the rebels: Black women, LGBTQ fam, non-binary warriors, and all those voices that often get drowned out. We ain't tweaking the story, we're breaking it to build something new—something that sets us all free. So if you're about that life, ride with us. This ain't just different, it's revolutionary.



We're making the digital world a stage where your unique vibe's the headline act. No more stale stories—we're here to flip the script and make room for everyone. What's the goal? Love, joy, and freedom, all day, every day. So let's light up this digital playground and make it the Zen spot monks wish they had. Come vibe with us.



Much Different isn't just a non-profit; we're the architects of change, making space for Black women, LGBTQ fam, and every voice that needs to be heard. We're mixing Hoodoo, meditation, and some fashion flair to light up your life and your screens. With AI and Storiverse, our platform for Narrative Intelligence, we're making tech everybody's best friend. We ain't just dreaming about change; we're living it. So, come join the vibe. It ain't just different; it's a new realm of what's possible.


You have found your home if you are a...

Thrill-seeker who relishes in the excitement of a captivating story, yet appreciates the gentle allure of the written word..

Eager learner, perpetually curious, and always hunting for a fresh perspective, a new fact, a novel theory.​​

Fierce advocate for mental health, constantly exploring innovative avenues for respite and healing.

Avid champion of diversity, wholeheartedly believing in the power and necessity of narratives that center on Black women, LGBTQ+ individuals, and other marginalized members of society.

Rebel at heart, proud to defy the status quo, ready to embrace their inner 'weirdo,' and find a sanctuary away from the 'everyday noise'.

Community-builder, passionate about creating a sense of belonging, eager to be part of a tribe of changemakers committed to making a positive impact in the world and the digital landscape.

Adventurer in the realm of imagination,  using stories as their map and compass, ready to navigate the uncharted territories of other people's minds.

Believer in the transformative power of stories, recognizing their capacity to inspire, motivate, and provide solace.

Seeker of surprise and delight, yearning for narratives that offer unpredictable twists and turns, yet land in a space of profound meaning

Passionate contributor, who not only wants to absorb great content but also be part of the process that brings compelling narratives to life.



You ever get that feeling when a story just clicks, like a dope beat dropping at just the right moment? That's what we're doing with Reality Remix. We're diving deep into the DNA of storytelling, those behind-the-scenes elements that take a story from "just okay" to "oh snap, tell me more!" We ain't just rehashing plots; we're remixing 'em, adding a little spice, a little flavor. Kinda like a master DJ, but for narratives.

Reality Remix ain't for the basic. It's for those who want to dig deeper and unravel what makes a story resonate like your favorite jam. So, let's get into it—grab your mental mix board and come remix reality with us.

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